Foreman 1.20.0 and Audits Redesign User Testing

As you have noticed, Foreman 1.20.0 release includes Audits redesign. We introduced Patternfly 3 styling and improved the overall user flow. At this moment, all the changes are implemented in the Foreman 1.20.0.

We care about the user experience and we would like to validate our redesign with quick user testing. I am looking for 5-7 volunteers who can demonstrate how they use Audits. The session will take 20 minutes of your time and requires no preparation. If you are interested in improving the Foreman UX, read further!

Upgraded to Foreman 1.20.0

User Testing Step by Step (30min BlueJeans call)

  • Quick intro on how you use audits
  • You’ll be given a set of tasks and I will watch you how you perform them
  • Follow up questions

Interested in improving Foreman UX?
email with your availability

Thank you so much!