Foreman 1.20 and RHEL 8 Beta

Hey there, starting a thread in regard to RHEL 8 Beta.

My part: I did initial testing of provisioning, 1.20 out of box has one small issue with ntp package which is no longer available in RHEL8 (at least in the base OS). Luckily Anaconda asks to skip missing package (new feature I guess).

There is a small patch proposed for 1.20.1 which solves this:

Other than that, provisioning part works just fine. There are some visible improvements in Anaconda text mode (downloading progress, more info on the console) which is great.

Please add your own experience with puppet, ansible, other plugins etc!

I tested a few scenarios today and have some questions.

Are there Katello host tools available for RHEL 8 beta? I see there is an open issue for tracer support against F29/RHEL8, but couldn’t find any builds in the foreman client repo or in Koji.

I also tested Ansible - you need to override ansible_python_interpreter to a valid python binary in Foreman.I tested it with the 3.6 python module stream and it seemed to work normally for everything I typically do (apply roles, run some arbitrary command, etcs…)

I tried to test system purpose but all I could get it to do was to pull in the purpose values from a test RHEL8 client system and report that it was in mismatched state. I suspect this is a subscription issue as I’m testing this with a regular rhel 8 beta subscription against Foreman/Katello rather than Satellite.

It seems to be in pretty good shape at this point - which reflects the hard work that has been done so far. Nice job.

Katello 3.10 does have additional fixes for RHEL 8 support so I can highly recommend that. We don’t have a RHEL8 build env available upstream so there’s no client repo either. This is being looked at, but no promises.

Thanks. My testing was with 3.10