Foreman 1.20 branching warning


We are just over one month from the 1.20 branching date, which is October 16th according to the schedule.

As we have done for 1.19, prior to branching we will have a week of stabilization. During this week we will work ensure nightlies are working and no significant changes should be merged into develop branch without discussing them with me first.

This means effectively that there are just 3 more weeks of development left for anything that you wish to get in 1.20. Preferably, the larger the change the sooner it should be merged, to allow for time to fix any issues caused by these changes. Anything that does not make it in to develop on time will be pushed out to 1.21.

Katello 3.9 will also branch at around the same point as Foreman 1.20. So those who work in and around Katello you can also set this point as the the week before October 16th as a point for stabilization, leading to the branching.