Foreman 1.20 Logout screen


When logging out from the Web UI, I get a “Do you really want to logout” screen. I didn’t notice this before, so I guess it’s a new feature with 1.20 or something.

Is there any way of disabling this? It is quite annoying in the 99.9% of cases where yes, I really do want to logout. For the 0.1% of cases where I accidentally selected “Logout” from the menu instead of “My Profile” (ok, I am making this up, it’s really 100% - 0% up to now), I might as well just login again with approximately the same effort as clicking cancel on the “Are you sure…” screen.

Expected outcome:

Log me out without further ado, like in 1.19 and before?

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This is in fact not intentional but rather a bug, we are tracking it in Bug #25656: Foreman redirects to logout page - Foreman