Foreman 1.21 branching process

Near-end of development phase

Package build systems

  • Clone tags and create build targets in Koji
  • Create mash scripts and configuration on Koji
  • Add new plugin tags to Koji plugins mash script (, remove old ones (keep three)
  • Add version 1.21 to jobs in axes and/or combination filters, remove old ones (keep three)
  • Clone Debian nightly repos to 1.21 using copy/freight instructions
  • Edit foreman-packaging’s PR template to add 1.21 and remove the old release

Main code repos


Other systems


Status update before I leave for the weekend. Due to fixing nightly packages I had very little time left for the installer.

For puppet-foreman PR 707 must be merged, then I can prepare the release. For puppet-puppet PR 669 has been opened. When those two modules are released, tier 0 is done. Tier 1 and 2 are probably not that much work after that. Another big blocker is #25844 which I still need to finish. Part of it is catching up on work from a few prior releases.

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