Stabilization week for 1.21 starts today!


We are now entering the stabilization period leading up to the 1.21 branching. We want to release 1.21.0-RC1 quickly following the branching, so your help is appreciated in ensuring everything is stable and we can release the RC in a timely fashion:

  • Please refrain from merging significant changes into any of the core projects without discussing it with me first. Once we branch next week merging can resume as usual.
  • Testing basic workflows with nightlies will be helpful in finding any issues prior to the RCs. Katello nightlies have also been fixed after a while of being broken, so testing the integration will also be useful.
  • Be attentive of any significant issues found in your areas of responsibility so we can get a quick turnaround to fix issues in time for the release.
  • Any plugins that wish to make a release to match the new foreman version should make sure that their plugin is compatible with the latest foreman. While we try to maintain compatibility and deprecate methods before removal, sometimes things change in a way that impacts plugins. if plugins get tested against core prior to the release we can find and fix any breakages in time and not discover them when users attempt to upgrade. Do note that plugins using react/webpack will need to be rebuilt to be compatible with the new foreman release due to the way we currently handle webpack code in plugins.

If you wish to monitor the current progress of the branching process, feel free to follow at Foreman 1.21 branching process.

Thank you for the cooperation!


Foreman core, smart proxy, and selinux have been branched for 1.21, feel free to resume merging in these projects as usual. Please bring any issues you think should make 1.21 to my attention. Thanks again for the cooperation!

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