Foreman 1.21 schedule and planning

Now with 1.20.0 out, it’s time to talk about timelines and features for 1.21, since we’re nearly at the half-way point already.
1.20 was branched on October 17th, and to keep up our 3-month release cadence that would mean we should branch on January 17th, but I would prefer to branch earlier in the hope of delivering the first RC on the same week.

Proposed schedule for 1.21:

Event Date
1.21 Dev Start October 17th
1.21 Half Way Point December 1st
1.21 Stabilization January 7th
1.21 Branch January 14th
1.21 RC1 January 17th
1.21 RC2 January 31st
1.21.0 February 14th

Considering many people will be on holidays in late December, this does not leave much time for feature development for this release, so please take that into consideration when planning ahead - features that are not fully merged by the stabilization period will need to wait for the next version. Like with the previous post, I’ll make this one a wiki so we can collaborate on the list of features people want to see in this release.

Suggested features for 1.21:

Foreman plugins that closely follow the same schedule (Please add others you think should be in):

Katello 3.11:

Do we want to name it 2.0?

(I will keep asking until we do so.) :wink:

If @tbrisker succeeds with the taxonomies change, this time I wouldn’t vote -1, still not convinced we need the bump though.