Foreman 1.22 - Disabling a plugin


Is there a way to disable a plugin? I’ve installed the Proxmox Foreman plugin but it’s completely broken at the moment. I can’t edit hosts anymore with a 500 error from the plugin itself.

Anyone know if it’s possible?


This is typically hard because it can create data structures which then depend on it again. I’m working on packaging a new version of the plugin that is compatible.

Version 0.8.0 has been added to nightly. Doing cherry picks now to 1.22. is running. After I’ll kick off a plugin sync. If you could update to it after that is probably preferable.

@tbrisker is thinking about a way to disable installed plugins, but that’s in very early stages.

Hi Ekohl,

Thanks! I’ll take a look. I was testing the removal of the plugin. I can remove the Gemfile for the plugin, re-run the ruby install + update and it seems to remove all traces of the plugin. I’m not sure if it does add stuff to the DB.

I’ll report back!