Foreman 1.24 - bugs with remotexecution, concurrency and remote user

After update Foreman to 1.24 with the last packages I’m having various problems relationship with proxy, concurrency and remote execution.
Foreman 1.24 and Katello 3.14.

When yo run an ansible/ssh job template changing concurrency to 1 the execution is very slow. The job output shows the result but not change to the next host until aprox 10 minutes.
I’m using for this tests the predefined ssh/ansible command template to execute only “uname -a” over several hosts with concurrency 1. With Ansible the problem is the same like ssh with another issues:
I have 403 Client Error: Forbidden at the end (after PLAY RECAP) for the first host.
I have Failed to initialize: NoMethodError - undefined method `’ for nil:NilClass for the next hosts.
Running the same without concurrency set all works fine but with 403 Client Error: Forbidden at the end (after PLAY RECAP) for all hosts.

Part of the problem with concurrency it’s a bug (Bug #28095: Concurrency control doesn't work when batch planning is enabled - foreman-tasks - Foreman) with de WA: Go to Settings > Foreman Tasks > set ‘foreman_tasks_proxy_batch_trigger’ to false.
Using that WA the fix ssh templates problems. With Ansible (running “uname -a” job template over several hosts with concurrency 1) all jobs fail with “Error initializing command: Net::SSH::AuthenticationFailed - Authentication failed for user root@xxxxxxx”.

The remote user to connect with the remote host wouldn’t be root (I have using another one) so it seems proxy are ignoring the user setting when set ‘foreman_tasks_proxy_batch_trigger’ to false. It’s a bug coming back.