Foreman 2.0.0 - only one network interface can be managed

Hi everyboy,
in Foreman 2.0.0 only one network inteface can be managed.
Hostsystem: SLES12 SP5 with ruby2.5 and nodejs10/npm10, Foreman was build from source.

The way how to reproduce it:
Create at least two Network Interface and try to set the “managed” flag.

Are there any known issues?
If you also need further data, please let me know.

best regards

this appears to be Bug #29709: Foreman 2.0 - Managed Interfaces UI button problem - Foreman

@tbrisker: Thank you for your fast reply. Do you assume a bugfix in due time? This bug misconfigures allmost all our production systems :confused:

I hope the fix will not be difficult and we’ll be able to pull it in to 2.0.1 which will likely come out in a week or so. Once the fix is found you’ll also be able to manually patch your server with it until the release is done.

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There is already an open pull request attempting to fix this, in case you want to take it for a test run: