Foreman 2.x postgres installation path

I just realize that postgresql is now installed in /var/opt/rh/rh-postgresql12/lib/pgsql/data/ and it looks to be hard-coded.

Anyone can confirm this?

I know that hard-coding stuff is sometimes required, but I’m surprised to see nothing about this change in the documentation, specially in the upgrade section. The hardware requirement probably need update as well?

3.1.2 Hardware Requirements

The default installation when including Puppet Server will require:
4GB memory
2GB disk space

Same in Katello doc, there is no requirement for postgres but:

  • The root filesystem needs at least 20 GB of Disk Space

In some (most) cases the old /var/lib/pgsql was a dedicated mount point (with possibly higher disks iops) and the new path ends up on the root disk with just enough space for the OS… As there is no purge by default for audits, tasks etc… (or because some purge does not work depending on the version) the database can grow quickly to a non-negligible size. If it’s installed “silently” on the root disk it might generate some issues in the future. Users should be aware of this.
This is an important information which should be explicitly specified in the documentation, IMHO.

What do you guys think about that?

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I can confirm this. The installer has an automated migration on EL7. This is because we need a newer version than EL7 provides out of the box. That’s why we use the PG12 SCL, which installs to /var/opt. We chose not to modify these paths since they’re also in the SELinux policies.

The actual migration is here:

There are also checks to see if there’s sufficient disk space:

You are right that the docs should mention this. A patch to the docs would be highly appreciated:

I linked the nightly version. I’d recommend to propose changes, get them reviewed and only copy to down to 2.0 once we agree on the changes.

It probably also makes sense to expand the 2.0 release notes:

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@ekohl Thanks a lot for the clarification and all information.
I’m happy to see that the upgrade step is checking for sufficient disk space so this is just a doc issue.
I’ve just learned that the high quality RedHat documentation will be made available to the community, that’s also a good news!
Again thanks for the great job being made on Foreman/Katello and for all the future improvements, which look amazing!