Foreman 3.0

The long going effort of Making Puppet optional is coming to an end and there is a PR [1] to extract all the puppet code from core to a plugin. I hope it gets merged soon and IMHO it is a good reason to bump the major version of Foreman. Therefore I propose the next release would be 3.0.

Although I think it is enough reason by itself, we can still have some other major changes included. If you have any thoughts on what other backwards incompatible changes we should make in this release, please come forward as soon as possible so we can discuss those in time.



Maybe @MariaAgaā€™s Webpack upgrade work should also be included here; not sure how breaking those changes will be.

Iā€™m still not sure if we can upgrade webpack :no_mouth:

We are also working on host_reports plugin and smart proxy plugin which should replace reports importing API endpoint. We can advice users to do the switch as part of 3.0 upgrade however we need to keep the old API in place for at least one release for a smooth transition. The plan is to override the core endpoint via the plugin and mark all imported reports via a flag so a warning banner is shown when showing such report informing users that it was imported via deprecated endpoint.