Foreman 3.10 + Puppet + Katello + Discovery Plugin-Installation- & PXE Beginners Guide for RHEL_9 (using local-DHCP&TFTP)

Hello everyone,

After navigating the challenges of learning Foreman on my own, I meticulously dissected the entire installation process and crafted a comprehensive guide. This guide is designed to serve as a detailed walkthrough for anyone embarking on the journey to understand and implement Foreman effectively.

The complete guide is available on my GitHub at github, so you also can file issues there or start a discussion. Here, you’ll find a thorough exploration of how Foreman manages DHCP reservations through a DHCP Smart Proxy, sets the next-server and filename DHCP options crucial for PXE booting, and explains the role of TFTP in serving boot images. Additionally, the guide delves into configuring network services like DNS and TFTP, essential for network configuration and provisioning.

Due to the limitations of the Foreman Forum regarding the number of embedded media items and links allowed in a post, I’m unable to share the guide directly here.
I encourage you to visit my GitHub repository for the full content and to engage in discussions or report issues. This guide aims to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to deepen their understanding of Foreman and its integration with network services for efficient provisioning. But you can also just use the foreman forum.

Your feedback is greatly appreciated to ensure the guide meets the needs of our community and remains a useful tool for learning and troubleshooting.
If theres anything missing, wrong, or in wrong order: please let me know, because i found this was the perfect starting point to start my it-blog (also nice for portfolio because im looking for a job).

I will post the link of my blog later.
Anyone is free to use it (citing me would be awesome)

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medium link: Foreman 3.10 + Puppet + Katello + Discovery Plugin-Installation- & PXE Beginners Guide for RHEL_9 (using local-DHCP&TFTP) | by Ji Podhead | May, 2024 | Medium

Thanks for this. As a developer who only ever uses some bits and pieces of Foreman (I have in depth knowledge on very specific points) this can help plug some of my knowledge gaps for a broad understanding of basic user workflows.

It is always good when somebody takes detailed notes on their initial experiences of getting to a minimal working setup for all relevant workflows.

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Your welcome and thanks for the feedback :heart:

I’ve decided to use GitHub Pages for now. I’ve created a roadmap:

  • libvirt
  • Proxmox
  • Lifecycle management with Puppet and Katello
  • CI/CD with Ansible, Terraform, and Packer
  • Salt and Kubernetes

If there’s anything specific you’d like me to cover, just let me know.

After seeing some German webinars by the FroSCon Conference, Atix, and OCharino, I realized the true potential of this software. The learning curve is steep, but that also means: you will definitely learn something :smiley: and I want to learn CI/CD anyway because of k8s