Foreman 3.2 is not setting default organization or location

Spun up a new Puppet Server with Puppet 7.6.1 and Foreman 3.2. Everything seems to be working properly, but when new hosts check in, Foreman is not applying the Default Organization or Default Location. I have it set under Administer, Settings, Facts, but when new hosts connect, it doesn’t properly assign the location or organization.

Is there a configuration file where I can force this information. All hosts will always be at the same location and same organization. Screenshot included.

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Hey wownotown,
You could try using hammer commands on the CLI like this to set the default Org and Location

hammer defaults add --param-name organization --param-value Lab “org-name”
hammer defaults add --param-name location --param-value “location-name”

Or you could use the UI and under the drop down on “Any Org” and “Any Location”, select your preferred Org and Location then set as default (should be there somewhere as an option).

Thanks for the information. I ran those commands, and also have the defaults set in the GUI, but still new puppet nodes come in with no Organization or Location. Not sure why. Any place I can check in the logs to see if something is erroring out? I can manually change the Organization and Location in the GUI.


Hi, I have run into the same issue and found a solution.

Please create an additional location and organization and name them both test

Once you go to Administer > Settings > Facts
then try to set the default the Gui will update correctly.

It must be an issue when there is only one choice, the foreman console will not update.

Hope that helps.