Foreman 3.3 REX script unable to establish connection to remote host

Since Foreman 3.3, I’ve began running into an issue where Foreman isn’t able to establish an SSH connection to managed hosts. The output I’m getting in the REX results are extremely vague (listed below) so I’m having a hard time diagnosing what’s wrong. I’ve verified that the host running the internal capsule proxy is able to ssh into the hosts I’ve been attempting to run the REX script against. Other attempts on hosts on the same network are successful, so I’m perplexed on why some of them are having issues and others aren’t. Any ideas what could be going on?

Error initializing command: RuntimeError - Failed to establish connection to remote host, exit code: 1
Exit status: EXCEPTION

Do the proxy logs (/var/log/foreman-proxy/proxy.log) say anything? If not, could you bump the log level to debug and check again?

Sigh… so it turned out to be because the effective user password expired in IPA … thanks for your efforts this morning, seems everything is good now.

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