Foreman 3.6.2 RPM missing from repo

Hello folks,

According to: 3.6.2 release DONE - Foreman
3.6.2 release is DONE but I cannot find the RPM in Index of /releases/3.6/el8/x86_64

I’d really appreciate it if you can add it :smiley:

Thank you very much,

There is a release announcement for 3.6.1: Foreman 3.6.1 is now available

There is not yet a release announcement for 3.6.2: Release Announcements - TheForeman

Conclusion: 3.6.2 is not yet fully released.

The latest release meeting minutes has further information as well: Release team meeting 2023-07-19

Perhaps the name is misleading, but this view is mostly used to determine which changes have already been lined up for the next release. It helps to determine if we need to cut a release. As @quba42 said, we’re planning to release 3.6.2.

Ahhh I see. I am really interested in 3.6.2 because of Bug #36265: Redirect when editing a host is not reliable - Foreman
I will keep an eye and upgrade whe 3.6.2 is ready.

Thank you very much for your answers,