Release team meeting 2023-07-19

Follow up from last week

In last week’s meeting (Release Team meeting 2023-07-12) there was some discussion about making posts a wiki. We were able to understand where it went wrong.

When you open a post on Discourse you have 5 minutes to change it. After that it’s emailed and we want the sent out emails to match the real posts. Checking off an item is a modification of the post, so if you want to be able to do that then you must make the post a wiki. The first action item on the list is intended to serve as a reminder of that, but it wasn’t clear that it told the reader to follow Create a Wiki Post - moderators - Discourse Meta.

@ekohl refine procedure with link to Create a Wiki Post - moderators - Discourse Meta

Foreman 3.8

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Foreman 3.6

Katello 4.10

Katello 4.9

Katello 4.8

Cherry pick workflow(s)

We had a discussion about how to do cherry picks and not miss things. There is an RFC open around this topic:

The first goal is to document the status quo just so we have it written down and can refer to it. Then it’s also easier to see where to go from there. We should also look at the Pulp project because they’ve solved a lot of these problems already.

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