Foreman 3.7 and Puppet plugin not displaying environments and classes

Hi everyone,

I’m currently working on migrating foreman from version 2.x to version 3.7 and Katello 4.9, using puppet as a plugin. In order to facilitate the procedure and due to the requirements of the new versions, we have opted for a complete reinstallation on a RHEL8.

The installation went well but, in the foreman environment tab, in the Puppet ENC section, the environments are not synchronised with those on the server and, as a result, the classes are not recognised either.

Do you have an idea of the procedure to apply or the parameters to check in order to synchronise the plugin with foreman?

We are using Foreman 3.7 and Katello 4.9 with the rubygem-foreman_puppet plugin


I am not sure I understand your problem correctly, but did you import the classes and environments from the smart-proxy?
If not, go to Configure → Classes (In the “Puppet ENC” category of the configure menu), there click “Import environments from ” and after a bit of loading time, select everything on the new page and hit update. That should import all the environments with all classes and parameters into Foreman.
In case you are running several smart-proxies which server different environments, you’ll have to repeat above steps for every one of them.
In case this is not where your problem is or does not solve it, please try to explain your problem more.


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