Foreman 3.7 rerun/rerun failed button disappear

After Foreman upgrade from 3.3 to 3.7, users who can run Ansible Playbooks in new version don’t have a button to rerun and rerun failed jobs. Only it’s available to admin users, I created temporary a role with all possible permissions to check if there are new options to add access to these buttons, but still regular users don’t have access to both options.
How can I return this functionality to users with Ansible jobs rights?


that is a somewhat known issue[1] which manifests itself in several different places. Until that is resolved, I’m afraid you can’t really do anything.

A workaround would be to manually append /rerun (or /rerun?failed_only=true to only rerun on failed hosts) to the end of the url when looking at job details.

[1] - Bug #36836: Checking authorized_for(hash_for_new_job_invocation_path) doesn't work since the rex wizard was made default - Foreman Remote Execution - Foreman