Foreman 3.8 installation from source


I am trying to install Foreman 3.8 (latest stable version) on OpenSuse. It seems it’s an only option as there are no packages available for Suse.
I followed your steps on official docs: Foreman :: Manual

The problem which I have is:
RAILS_ENV=production bundle exec rake db:migrate

I am getting following error:

Caused by:
PG::DuplicateObject: ERROR: constraint “tokens_host_id_fk” for relation “tokens” already exists

Obviously I created a database, created user, configured database config file etc. I can connect to the db using the account that I created.
I didn’t have anything in my database. DB is empty. I created the database from scratch.
I was trying to reinstall postgresql server, drop database and still nothing.
It seems there’s a bug in the migrate scripts?

Expected outcome:
DB migrate scripts work as expected

Foreman and Proxy versions:
Foreman 3.8 (intallation from source)

Distribution and version:
Open Suse Leap 15.5

Other relevant data:
I didn’t have this problem with foreman 3.4 & ruby 2.5. However, for some reason it couldn’t find pg gem but it was provided in Gem file. And for sure installed.