Foreman and Katello Nightly/1.17 Breakage Update


Sending along an update on the current issues causing nightlies to be broken.

  1. Hosts are not searchable when they do not have an organization assigned by the API or Hammer – Nightly Breakage: Need Help with Foreman API, Admin user

  2. subscription-manager registration fails if a host was created via puppet – Bug #22305: sub-man registration fails if system has checked in with puppet (and no org has been assigned) - Katello - Foreman

  3. Content upload to Katello errors – Bug #22306: Don't pass AC::Params into actions - Katello - Foreman

  4. qpid-dispatch 1.0 was released to EPEL breaking Katello runtime – Bug #22289: foreman-installer deploys a non-working "qdrouterd.conf " after qpid-dispatch-router has been upgraded from 0.8.0-1.el7 to 1.0.0-1.el7 in epel repos - Katello - Foreman

Please help in anyway possible to fix or review the issues that already have fixes proposed. These will cause delays in releasing Foreman 1.17 and Katello 3.6 as well as keep nightly repositories out of date.


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The Katello nightly pipeline is now green! Let’s please try to keep it this way from here forward. The last broken piece was related to the persistent actions, MonitorEventQueue and ListenOnCandlepin, not running properly. There is an issue somewhere in either dynflow, foreman-tasks or Katello that has led to this issue. For now, a work around was added [1] that gets past the issue. This issue will need to be included in Foreman 1.17 to unblock Katello as well.


Hi Eric,

Can you verify that experimental ui works in the production build as well?