Foreman and Katello Rhel do not synchronise the newly released rhel 8.9 content " No Content Added "

Hello, although foreman and katello, which I have been using for a long time without any problems, do not give any errors as of today, rhel does not synchronise the newly released rhel 8.9 content. In fact, new packages have arrived, I can see this from the rhel content. However, when I synchronise, I get the message “No content added.” What could be the reason for this? Where should I check?

I am using Foreman 3.7 Katello 3.9.

Thankyou for support.

If you see “No content added” it means the upstream repository hasn’t had anything added since the last sync. The RHEL8 BaseOS and AppStream repos should be updated soon with the new RHEL release, if they haven’t already.

I had a similar issue with Rocky 8, all I did was removed the minor version number from the OS definition. It was re-added with the new higher version number later.