Foreman and libvirt networkGetBridgeName:4007

Hi Guys,

I try to create new vm with our testing libvirt instance. Unfortunately, we are getting the following error in the “Interfaces” tab:
Error loading interfaces information: Internal Server Error

The error which I found in the libvirt logs is:
2019-08-27 14:19:03.609+0000: 23748: error : networkGetBridgeName:4007 : internal error: network 'direct' does not have a bridge name.

Do you have any advice on how to avoid this issue?

Additional information to my post. Configuration of our libvirt network is:
<network> <name>direct</name> <uuid>799cc56d-4c09-4963-83f6-dadb5c03bbaa</uuid> <forward dev='br0' mode='bridge'> <interface dev='br0'/> </forward> </network>

I’m using NAT, but I think @lzap had a setup with bridging, so he may have some idea.

So, I think that I can solve it by myself.
It was an incorrect network configuration. The correct XML should look like that:
<network> <name>direct</name> <uuid>8d001c9c-92b9-4104-aaf3-8d4744144db3</uuid> <forward mode='bridge'/> <bridge name='br0'/> </network>

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