Foreman_Ansible Key SSH Passphrase not working

I am using a SSH key with passphrase but unfortunately it does not seems to be working. The job just gets stuck waiting to input the SSH Key passphrase. I tried using ssh_key_passphrase, key_passphrase, ansible_key_passphrase, and remote_execution_ssh_key_passphrase to see if any of those will work as they are in the source code for the plugin but it did not work.

Is this feature supported at all in Foreman 1.20.1?

The inline help for Private key passphrase field says

Key passhprase is only applicable for SSH provider. Other providers ignore this field. Passphrase is stored encrypted in DB until the job finishes. For future or recurring executions, it is removed after the last execution.

IIRC ansible does not support using passphrase and recommended using ssh-agent in such case.

Is there any reason why the Foreman Ansible 2.X has ssh passphrase added to the documentation when it does not suppose to support it?

“By default foreman-ansible relies on the settings of Remote Execution for SSH connection options, like SSH user and password or the SSH key passphrase”

I’m afraid that’s a leftover from before we realized passphrase won’t work. @dLobatog do you recall? Patches for documentations are welcome at