Foreman-ansible-modules docs link not working


document page for foreman ansible modules does not render.

Expected outcome:

Web Page displays module documentation

Foreman and Proxy versions:

Foreman and Proxy plugin versions:
Not relevant

Distribution and version:

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Other relevant data:

Hi @danielmhi,

the page renders fine for me.

It’s an iframe embedding – are you blocking iframes?

Not to my knowledge but our corp proxy maybe doing that.

You’re correct page works fine outside my corp network, apologies for wasting time.

No worries. If you find out why it’s not working inside your corp network, I’d be cool to know.

Sadly, do to the way we build the docs, we can’t get rid of the iframe :frowning:

Sure will reply once I know

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Was a websense issue, site had changed category. Anyway all good now
Great work with these modules!! thx