Foreman Ansible Modules v1.0.0 released

You’ve probably heard already me talking about how you can automate Foreman using Ansible and our Foreman Ansible Modules. And if you did, I have great news for you: we just released v1.0.0 - the first officially stable release!

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Thank you for this work. Can’t wait to give it a try

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Is it possible to setup provisioning just using Ansible now? That includes Domain, Subnet, OS, Provisioning Templates, Hostgroup, associating everything together. I do see all of these in documentation which looks promising.

Have anyone tried this yet?

Yes, it is possible. At least i know of one way to reach deployed machines of different operating systems from a not so short ansible playbook.
Around bootdisk and image deployment, there are probably some gaps as far as i remember.


Can I see the playbook? :wink:

We are using this in our orcharhino test deployments.
The biggest limitation I am aware of, is that host deployments currently only work from host group.
I think for most parameters it is not possible to override the value from the host group for individual host deployments.

I would have expected this to work these days, as we share the params between the host and hostgroup modules. If not, it’s a bug (either in the modules or in Foreman if the override doesn’t work properly).

It is quite possible my information is out of date…

If anyone does get a chance to test the provisioning features out, I think it would make a wonderful and popular community demo :slight_smile:

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