Foreman-ansible use cases review

Hello everyone,
In the next few days, I will spend some time testing foreman-ansible
plugin. As a start, I created some use cases which I think are applicable
for this plugin. I documented them in [1]. I know some of you are already
using this plugin extensively. Can you please spend few minutes to review
my use cases and let me know your comments (anything like: Use case *** is
applicable, use case *** is missing, etc).

The google doc is open for comments. Please provide your feedback as
comments in the doc. Your feedback is very valuable and will help improve
this plugin. Thanks in advance.


ยทยทยท -- Suresh Thirugnanasambandan RHCSA irc: sthirugn | LinkedIn

I recall testing it specifically with Katello and there were some bits that
were painful. In particular I believe it [plugin's reporting] was /very/
slow. Definitely something I'll be looking into in the future and I'll
update you if I have anything useful.