Foreman-Ansible: whitelist_callback do nothing

I’m playing whith whitelist_callback at /etc/foreman-proxy/ansible.cfg:
callback_whitelist = foreman, timer
local_tmp = /tmp
host_key_checking = False
stdout_callback = yaml
display_skipped_hosts = no


but nothing change. I change stdout_callback and yes, there are changes. But nothing whith callback_whitelist (including timer, profile_tasks…).
Somebody can help me?


If you use run “Ansible Roles” your callback_whitelist works! Not if you use “Run job templates”.

Heare is the reasons from RedHat:
If the job template run is not “Ansible Roles - Ansible Default”, code explicitly overrides values of callback plugins to empty value. The intention of this would be to not have “foreman” in list of plugins as we don’t want reports to be forwarded to satellite in our remote jobs.

When Ansible roles are run, the list of callback plugins are not overridden in order to get the reports and facts forwarded to satellite. This way, the output of our other callback plugins is also visible.