Foreman as ENC for ansible using automatic ansible groups

Hello, not sure if its maintained or supported or Im reading obsolete code/docs

Im going withj that :

It runs pretty much out of the box , but Im facing a problem, reading from the github repo instructions it states :

Automatic Ansible groups
The inventory will provide a set of groups, by default prefixed by ‘foreman_’. If you want to customize this prefix, change the group_prefix option in /etc/ansible/foreman.ini. The rest of this guide will assume the default prefix of ‘foreman’

The problem here is that there are no groups created called foreman_${groupname} , so far I created 3 groups (host_groups) following the instructions via the web console :

  • myclient
  • PRO
  • webserver

Every group has the following parametres :
myclient : {client: myclient}
PRO : {environment : PRO}
webserver : {functionality : webserver}

And I have my foreman.ini with that content for group_patterns :
group_patterns = ["{functionality}-{environment}-{client}",

The problem is that Im not sure how to implement that part :

Lets assume you have a host that is built using this nested hostgroup:

myapp / webtier / datacenter1

When I try to assign the host to he groups via the web console as hostname > edit > host > host_group only allows me to select one hostgroup (myclient PRO or webserver) but there is no option to select and make an assignment to the 3 groups


I don’t have a full answer but at least some information that may be useful

I believe the script has been moved out of ansible core project recently again and now it lives at

Also there was a patch to improve nested host groups use that may help in your case

Thanks Marek, it seems like there is lot of confusion out there because of several versions from. the script, defenitively I will take a look at what youre pointing, tha will help me a lot.

My concern however was because of the behauviour of nested host groups, I mean I want to dessign hosts as. members of several groups, for examenple the typical 3 layers, environment client and cpd.

With nested host groups I think I need to combine all of them into final host groups, let see that with an example, I have 2 hosts host1 and host2

Both of them are environment production, same cpd but different client, now I nest production inside client1 and client1 inside mycpd, and the I see that when I assign mycpd which contáis client1 and production mixing the clasificación, so Im think ing the correct approach is create full path hostgroups I mean, a host group calle client1-cpd1-prudction- and inside that I nest a hostgroup called cpd1-production,but that is weird, and is so weird and lacks any essence of elegance