Foreman at FOSDEM & cfgmgmtcamp

After a long time we’ll be back at conferences. First of all, we’ll have a stand at FOSDEM:

Then we’ll have both a stand and a half day of talks at cfgmgmtcamp:

For the Foreman community update I want to try something new. In the past it’s been a presentation, but since we don’t have a Foreman room on Wednesday I instead want to add an open discussion where you, as part of the community, can also update. Share your experiences, frustrations and needs. Let’s use the opportunity to connect in person now that we can.

If you feel like something should be mentioned in the community update, please reach out to me.

I hope to see you there!


Thanks for everyone in the Foreman community who was at Ghent! I/we at ATIX had a blast. Thanks for all the explanations, inspirations, discussions, and social get togethers.


Yes, it was really great to see all (or at least many) familiar faces after a break of two years again and of course it was also great to see the new ones only seen online before!

Eagerly waiting for the next Foreman event! :wink: