Foreman_azure: "BadRequest : The Linux username 'root' is invalid."

First, I apologize if this is the wrong place to post this. I attempted to register at the plugin’s redmine, but never received the confirmation email … even though I tried two different email providers.

I have installed the foreman_azure plugin into Foreman 1.16. All seems to work great, until I attempt to create a new host. When I do so, I receive the following error after clicking Submit: “Failed to create a compute Azure (Azure) instance e[31me[1mFailed to create virtual machine : e[31me[1mBadRequest : The Linux username ‘root’ is invalid.e[0me[0me[0me[0m”

According to Microsoft, “root” is a restricted username:

Sorry about that, our bugtracker is having email issues at the moment - we hope to have it resolved later today.

In the meantime, welcome :slight_smile:

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