Foreman Birthday Event 2023

Hello Community,

I can happily announce we will have a Birthday event this year again. I will be our host again, supported by my colleagues from NETWAYS, ATIX and the Foreman Project. When I talked to people at Cfgmgmtcamp, I was told by many that they really liked the format from 2021 and many companies still have travel or budget restrictions, so we decided to keep the event online. Hopefully returning to a face to face event in the future, but we will see what time brings.

We want to have 5-6 30 minute talks and I will moderate the event as live stream on youtube. But as the event also always was not only about the talks and knowledge, but also a social get-together we do want to provide some option to chat during the talks and breaks and have some accompanying social event.

If you like to give a talk please get in touch with me as I am in charge for planing this year (here in the community or via email). We aim for a wide variety of talks, be it a new plugin or some new tricks for an old one, a case study showing your environment, about Foreman itself, Katello/Satellite/Orcharhino, Pulp, Candlepin or even Puppet and Ansible or the Community. Everything related to Foreman will be considered. We plan to have all talks pre-recorded and will provide guidance for doing so. After the talk we want to give everyone the chance to ask questions, so the speaker can answer them live.

For the chat and the social event we will very likely use the same tools again which made the last event such a success, but perhaps our event team will come up with some improvements. If you want to reminisce about the last event or if you missed it and want to know what I am talking about, you can find my recap at our blog.

So save the date and spread the word! I will update the thread with news when our plans move forward.


@Dirk hey there, are you still looking for talks? I’d be happy to give one about something from the Katello side, perhaps Alternate Content Sources. I’m also going to ask other Katello developers if they want a chance to give a talk (if there is space).


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Thanks @iballou. I am definitely still looking for talks and would be happy to have you and/or other Katello developers on board.

So I will use this as reason to give all a brief update which I wanted to write for a while, but as I have not much to say I always postponed it.
My colleagues already looked into bringing Workadventure back, so we will get at least the same layout like the last time, but I raised some wishes so perhaps we get some improvements.
I am in contact with one speaker from the community who only has to confirm the date depending on his plans for vacation. Also ATIX and Red Hat / Foreman Project itself have expressed interest on giving some talks but not more details on topics or speakers yet.

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I just realized I might be away on the 27th, but I’d like to make sure there is some Katello presence there – I’ll check with the team :slight_smile:

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Hi @Dirk , If you have a sign up sheet, I can put some topics there for katello content.

Hi @sajha, sorry, I was on vacation and did not see your reply until now. There is no formal sign up sheet for this small event, just send me a message here or a mail if you prefer (address is in the first post).

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I can announce the first speaker as Samir Jha will go over some of the content side features introduced last year in the name of the Katello content team. These include Alternate Content Sources, Content view comparison and other content view updates like notice to publish, filters applied indicators, etc.

Thanks @sajha!

I am waiting for others to confirm so I hopefully can announce more in the near future.


And the second speaker I can announce is Christian Stankowic who will talk about “Lessons Learned - Automated installations and hints”.

He wrote a nice summary about his planned talk:

Foreman is a useful tool for managing even large system landscapes and a variety of Linux distributions.
Because of its numerous plugins it offers a wide range of integrations.

This talk gives an overview about Lessons Learned and demonstrates some tips & tricks from various customer projects.
You will also learn setting up Foreman - including documentation - completely reproducible.

So thanks @stdevel!


And as a third speaker Ewoud will give a talk “foreman-documentation: rethinking our documentation”.

Back in 2019 Red Hat open sourced its Satellite documentation. This talk will answer where it’s today, how it got there and where it can go. All from multiple perspectives, such as end user, (technical) writer and developer.

I really think this is a topic worth to get featured, so thanks @ekohl!

Still waiting for some others to answer (and even considering to jump in myself if we need more talks), so I do not have a final time table yet. But we are working in the background to set everything up, so stay tuned for more updates until the date. We will provide the links for chat and workadventure on the day to prevent spammers so at latest check this thread on the day of the event again!


Bastian Schmidt from ATIX who was very involved with implementing the topic will give a talk “Provisioning Ubuntu hosts in Foreman”.

With the release of Ubuntu 20.04.3, provisioning hosts via the debian-installer has been deprecated for Ubuntu servers. The new default automated provisioning method for Ubuntu is called automated installation mode (autoinstall for short) and relies on YAML configuration files, similar to cloud-init. As a result, the Foreman community has created new templates and implemented a new workflow in order to incorporate the procedure.
The talk explains the transition to Ubuntu autoinstall, what changes have been necessary, and what we can expect in near future.

Thanks @bastian-src for tackling a topic many users are struggling with!


Planned schedule (I have not all recordings yet, so I may need to slightly adjust it based on length of the talks, but as we have a live Q&A times can be off anyway), times are UTC+2:

15:30-16:00 Countdown
16:00-16:10 Welcome and Introduction
16:10-16:50 “Lessons Learned - Automated installations and hints” - Christian Stankowic
16:50-17:20 “Provisioning Ubuntu hosts in Foreman” - Bastian Schmidt
17:20-17:25 Break
17:25-17:55 “foreman-documentation: rethinking our documentation” - Ewoud Kohl van Wijngaarden
17:55-18:25 Update from the Katello content team - Samir Jha
18:25-18:30 Outro

Social Event in parallel and open end.


Thanks to @nofaralfasi we now have a youtube link: Foreman Birthdat Event 2023 - YouTube


So here are the promised links:

Social Event:

Workadventure is used for the social event, so just join by creating an avatar. If you walk around and next to another person a video chat will open, number of users in one chat is limited to 8 if I am correct. There are also some areas where you will join a group chat we prepared for different topics which have a higher limit. Feel free to go off-topic there but if others want to use it on-topic please be nice. In the main area you can also take a seat and watch the stream for the real conference feeling. :wink:


Rocket.Chat is used for the live chat. You need to create an account providing an email address, but this is a temporary instance so no data will be stored. You will find there a channel #Hallway, this one will be live on the stream during my moderation and panels. There is also one for each talk which will be on stream during the talk. So feel free to ask any question here or get caught posting cat pictures like @Odilhao :rofl:

If you need any assistance, my colleagues @Dokon and Markus Neder will be in the chat and workadventure. I unfortunately can join workadventure only after the stream ended.

I hope posting the links now gives everyone enough time to get ready, but does still not allure spammers or trolls! So see you all later!


Thank you @Dirk, all the presenters and everyone who contributed to make this great event happen. There was a lot of good stuff shared, well done! It’s awesome to be part of such nice and wide community. I’m looking forward to the next year already.


Also thanks from my side again to everyone. I hope everyone enjoyed it.

I will upload and link the slides tomorrow for everyone interested and to have all the links readily available.


As promised here are the slides.

If you have any question for the speaker, just put them here so the get answered.

Some notes I made during the presentations.

For @stdevel (Lessons learned):

  • We dropped SLES 11 in 3.7 and nightly, though we should clean up Index of /client/nightly since it still lists old releases such as el5 and old Fedora.
  • We have no support to build SLES in out Koji. Building was done manually in OBS, but since 2018 this hasn’t happened anymore. Technically we can do so and import them. Just that nobody has spent any time on this. If people care about this, volunteers welcome.
  • You listed Chef a few times, but we’ve dropped it since it was unmaintained.
  • You example listed nslookup, but DNS experts consider nslookup unreliable: FGA: nslookup is a badly flawed tool. Don't use it.. Prefer dig.
  • In one example you had a shell command as user in asciidoc (using $) but in the rendered result it was as root (#)
  • As for tuning: with Katello we have an installer option --tuning which is a supported way to increase the limits for PostgreSQL, Apache and other tools: Installing Foreman nightly Server with Katello nightly Plugin on RHEL/CentOS

For @bastian-src (Ubuntu provisioning):

First of all, I wish I had time to properly review your patches. They’ve been on my todo list for too long and I’m sorry about that.

  • In your demo I noticed you hardcoded version numbers in the URL, but we can substitute version numbers. There are $version, $major and $minor you can use.
  • You used the console outside of Foreman. Did you not have the built in console set up on your Foreman instance?
  • For the problem with every Smart Proxy pulling from the internet: in a Katello setup you may be able to use synced content for this. They already have a specific media provider implementation, but I never really looked into this.

For @iballou (ACS):

  • I noticed you selected a file location and then showed HTTPS credentials using client certificates (if I recall right). Would it make sense to look at the URL and only show that step if the source is HTTPS? It would also be irrelevant for plain HTTP.

That’s a good idea for a UI improvement, I’ve made an issue: Bug #36630: Don't show HTTPS credentials for file:// ACSs - Katello - Foreman

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I published my recap blogpost:

It is mostly meant for those who missed the event so it includes links to the youtube stream with time marks.

I promise this is the last time I bump the thread, so see you all again next time! :wink:


Where do we get that little hard hat in the first picture? It’s so cute :pleading_face:
Thanks for the write up Dirk!