Foreman Birthday Party


Foreman birthday event hosted by NETWAYS


Count me in! I’ll be there :slight_smile:


where are people staying? just as I’m organizing my travel…


I haven’t started to look, but AFAIK @rabajaj did. Perhaps @Ori_Rabin as well. Maybe @evgeni?


I’d recommend the Holiday Inn, which hosts our OSMC as well


Will be there, too. I guess, myself will not be the only one from ATIX. :slight_smile:


Yepp, Holiday Inn should be a good pick.


Ah, someone found the prepared bits without the announcement. :laughing:

Announcement was postponed because of Opensourcecamp and OSDC, I hope we will have more details online next week.

What I already can say is we will have a great lineup with people from Red Hat, ATIX, dmTech and NETWAYS coming and perhaps more speakers than planned initially.


I have already booked the Holiday Inn hotel for my stay, seems to be reasonable :slight_smile:


Announcement is out right now:

Will be also in press, newsletter and on social media, so if you see it somewhere please like and share. :wink: