Foreman Cloud-Init native ovirt/vmware with NO DHCP/PXE

I was playing with ovirt and could deploy a VM without active networking .e.g NO IP set and NO DHCP.
So I am wondering is possible to do the same via foreman and if it is where exactly is the documentation for this?

I found this on the documentation page:

Provisioning Guide (

But from that it appears that you still need the VM to have networking working e.g. DHCP.

The reason I am asking this is because DHCP is not a option. I have both VMware and oVirt in my environment. So it would be great to do this from foreman itself and not from the ovirt or vsphere consoles.

I only know it should be possible and haven’t tried myself. What leads you to the DHCP requirement? The only thing it should need is that the VM has the networking configured and can reach to Foreman Proxy (or Foreman directly).

From the guides I have seen to date PXE boot / DHCP / networking needs to be working. Hence the DHCP mention. This is why i was wondering if anyone got VM deployment working via foreman with cloud-init and no initial networking. I have also seen people assign a single static IP on the guest VM so when it boots up it has functional networking - but this limits to one VM being provisioned at a time.

Generally there does not seem to be a guide/process around to provision direct from foreman using cloud-init that just works. I could be wrong in this statement since this cloud-init is new to me. I do the PXE/Kickstart method. Was playing with templates that are per-build so there is no need for a PXE/Kickstart anymore (or DHCP)

Ah gotcha, the networking needs to be working but it’s not the DHCP managed by Foreman. The networking is necessary to fetch the cloud-init from Foreman.

If you’re searching for DHCP-less solution, perhaps there are better options, like bootdisk.

@Marek_Hulan thank you for the reply. I was really hoping that foreman would utilize the API’s of oVirt and vShpere to do the same without any need for 3rd party methods. That said I will have a look at the boot disk method.