Foreman Community Demo #105

Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a Google account), so if you’ve been working on something cool, please do come show it off.

This post is a wiki, so if you have something to show, add yourself to this table!

Expected In

We’ve added a new column to indicate the release in which community members might expect the feature that is being demoed to appear. This column should be taken as a guide rather than gospel. Unforeseen circumstances might drag a feature out a release or two. The best way to know for sure what is in a release is to check out the release announcement! :slight_smile:

If you have any feedback about the change to the format, feel free to comment here :slight_smile:

Depending on where it would be a better fit, please add yourself to one of the following tables:

Foreman user-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine Issue Expected in Version
@mcorr 3 mins Introductions
@maximilian 3-5 min Modularized Documentation - 3.1
@lstejska 3 mins Template helpers truthy? and falsy? #34213 3.2
@lzap 5-15 mins FDI EL8 build 4.0 - 3.1
@lzap 5 min New report format update New config report summary columns 3.2
@MariSvirik 10 min New reports UX design - 3.2
@Justin_Sherrill 3 min New Repo Mirroring policy #33939 Katello 4.3
@iballou 5 min On Demand Repository Cleaning #33919 Katello 4.3
@Jonathon_Turel 5 min New Inter-Server Sync UI #33874 Katello 4.3
@cintrix84 3 min Installable Errata overview card #34104 Katello 4.3
@dewar 3 min New CV UI Version Details page - Actions & Generic Content #34043
Katello 4.3

Foreman developer-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine issue Expected in version
@Ron_Lavi 5 min BREAKING CHANGE, new PF4 Pagination #34185 3.2

We return next week to demos.
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