Foreman Community Demo #116

Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a Google account), so if you’ve been working on something cool, please do come show it off.

This post is a wiki, so if you have something to show, add yourself to this table!

Expected In

We’ve added a new column to indicate the release in which community members might expect the feature that is being demoed to appear. This column should be taken as a guide rather than gospel. Unforeseen circumstances might drag a feature out a release or two. The best way to know for sure what is in a release is to check out the release announcement! :slight_smile:

If you have any feedback about the change to the format, feel free to comment here :slight_smile:

Depending on where it would be a better fit, please add yourself to one of the following tables:

Foreman user-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine Issue Expected in Version
@upadhyeammit 5 mins Introductions
@jeremylenz 7 mins Exporting content with Foreman Ansible Modules Add content export library to FAM by jeremylenz · Pull Request #1433 · theforeman/foreman-ansible-modules · GitHub FAM 3.5?
@iballou 5 mins Katello API docs: removal of listed content types 35459 Katello 4.7
@partha 5 mins Custom CDN configuration Type 35296 Katello 4.7
@partha 10 mins Syncable Imports 35505 Katello 4.7
@ofedoren 7 mins Selectable columns on Hosts page 35361, [RFC] Categories/Columns for hosts index page Foreman 3.4

Foreman developer-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine issue Expected in version
@nofaralfasi 5 mins Add a disabled option to the dropdown menu items on foreman 35416 Foreman 3.5

Hello Everyone!

Tomorrow is the demo day, if you have anything interesting to show then enroll yourself!


Hello Everyone!

The YouTube video link for this demo is Foreman Community Demo #116 - YouTube