Foreman Community Demo #138

Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a Google account), so if you’ve been working on something cool, please do come to show it off.

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Expected In

We’ve added a new column to indicate the release in which community members might expect the feature that is being demoed to appear. This column should be taken as a guide rather than a gospel. Unforeseen circumstances might drag a feature out of a release or two. The best way to know for sure what is in a release is to check out the release announcement! :slight_smile:

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Foreman user-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine Issue Expected in Version
@nofaralfasi 5 mins Introductions
@waldirio 15 mins Usage of Tableau with Foreman and Katello projects
@sajha 5 mins Block content view publish during repository publication tasks, Subscription entitlement report template 37139 , 37167 Katello 4.13
@maximilian 2 mins Reach docs team on Matrix: theforeman-doc - -
@thorbend 10 mins Foreman-Ansible improvements - -

Foreman developer-focused demos

Speaker Time Topic Redmine issue Expected in version

Popular Use Cases Demos :link:

Speaker Time Topic Version
@aruzicka 20 mins Automating common tasks through Remote Execution 3.9.1

Hello Everyone!

The YouTube livestream link for today’s demo is Foreman Community Demo #138 - YouTube

To join us on Google Meet for interactive experience use: Google Meet


About the demo that didn’t work out: I didn’t realise the host was centos 7 which had pretty old coreutils so the env -S trick wasn’t available there, however the following seems to work

Resulted in



Here, are the links that could be available in the video description.

This page is using some different technologies

Bash Script to collect all the data

Tableau to provide all the analysis

Video presenting how to use all the filters