Foreman Community Demo #98

Every few weeks we host a Community Demo to showcase new & interesting developments from the Foreman community. We encourage participation from any member of the community (although you do need a Google account), so if you’ve been working on something cool, please do come show it off.

This post is a wiki, so if you have something to show, add yourself to this table!

2021 Format Change

We want to pilot a change to the format of the community demo. In the same event, we’d like to split the demos into two categories. We’d like to trial grouping demos that are of interest to Foreman users together, followed-by demos that are of interest to Foreman developers. Depending on which is best, I will either split the recording or add chapters etc, whichever makes most sense.

If you have any feedback about the change to the format, feel free to comment here :slight_smile:

Depending on where it would be a better fit, please add yourself to one of the following tables:

Foreman user-focused demos

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Hi all,

Thank you to those who have signed up already.

This happens next Thursday, so please sign up :slight_smile:

This happens on Thursday, so please sign up!

This happens tomorrow. It’s not too late to sign up to demo something!

You can watch the livestream here: Foreman Community Demo #98 - YouTube

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We go live in half an hour :smiley:

I’ve just updated the listing with the timestamps.
Thanks again for your participation and questions !