Foreman Community Demo Items - 10th Dec 2015

Hi all,

Amazingly, it's demo time again [1], so it's time to prepare what
you've completed since the last demo on Nov 19th. There is a query
that will show you items completed (i.e. marked as closed) since the
last demo [2]. As ever, add demo items following the instructions on
the agenda
page [3] - Lukas, your item is still there since you couldn't make the
last demo.

Same goes for feature teams, could you please develop a short (i.e.
less than 5 minutes)
demo/summary so that the community can see how you are progressing as well.

[3] Current Sprint Information - Foreman

This is likely to be the last one for the year (next would be Dec 31st
:P) so we'll schedule that for early January.


ยทยทยท -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

As usual, the one-day-left reminder - this is tomorrow :slight_smile: We currently
have 25min of content, lots of room for more!