Foreman Community Demo Items - 18th Feb 2016

Hi all,

Goodness, demo time is back again [1]. Usual drill, start thinking and
items that have been completed since the last demo on 21st Jan. There is a
query that will show you items completed (i.e. marked as closed) since the
last demo [2]. As ever, add demo items following the instructions on the
page [3].

Feature teams, could you please develop a short (i.e. less than 5 minutes)
demo/summary so that the community can see how you are progressing as well.

If anyone wants to present work done on the Foreman Construction day, that
would be extra good, I'd really like to showcase what happened there.

Current Sprint Information - Foreman


ยทยทยท -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

Reminder, this is tomorrow, and so far there's only 10min on the agenda. I
know lots of good stuff came out of the hack day in Ghent, can we get some
people to show off their work? :slight_smile: