Foreman Community Demo Items - 29th Oct

Demo time is upon us once again [1], so please start thinking and preparing
items that have been completed since the last demo on 2015-10-08. There is a
query that will show you items completed (i.e. marked as closed) since the
last demo [2]. Please add demo items following the instructions on the agenda
page [3].

Feature teams, could you please develop a short (i.e. less than 5 minutes)
demo/summary so that the community can see how you are progressing as well.

[3] Current Sprint Information - Foreman


ยทยทยท -- Greg IRC: gwmngilfen

Apologoies for the short notice on this, but all the agenda items get
added in the last two days anyway, if previous experience is anything
to go by :wink:


Remind, this is tomorrow. So far we have just 7mins of content :wink: