Foreman Community Demo Items


This coming Thursday (8/8) we will be holding a Foreman Community Demo. The
link at [1] provides a filtered list of items marked as 'Features' that
have been completed since our last demo. I would ask that everyone please
look at the list and if there is an item on there you developed that and
demo worthy for the community to please add it to the agenda [2]. If there
are large, or impact bugs that you are aware of that are worth making the
community aware of, please add those as well.
Please do not add anything to the agenda that isn't merged already.

Feature Teams – please prepare a community update for the demo of the
current progress of the team's work since last time. No more than 5 minutes

[1] <>


··· -- Eric D. Helms Red Hat Engineering Ph.D. Student - North Carolina State University