Foreman Community Dinner @ CfgMgmtCamp


As per usual we’ll be getting together for a community dinner during CfgMgmtCamp, to catch up, relax, socialise, and get to know each other a bit better.

Restaurant is confirmed for 7pm at Du Progres (see location header) for 25 people. More details in post 3

RSVP is enabled for this post, please do use it if you’re coming, it helps me to plan. See you there!


I will join again and plan to bring two trainees with me, so if you can, count my “going” as “going +2”. :wink:

I think we already have on the list for food requirements “no meat” (for me) and “no ham” (for one of my trainees). If not, please keep this in mind for planing. So we do not need to have a separate vegetarian table like last year. :smiley:


Unfortunately, I can not join as I will leave the conference on Tuesday evening.
I guess, some of my colleagues will attend.


I’ve got us a booking at Du Progres (which old-timers may recall from a few years ago). It’s right in the centre, just a few mins from the belfry.

There are some restrictions on the booking. We’ll be getting multiple tables of 6 or so, and within each table:

  • 1 bill per table - we might be able to pay per person if the restaurant is quiet, but the default is 1 bill for the table, and we settle any discrepancies between ourselves
  • 4 dishes (4 starters, 4 mains) per table - so we’ll need to agree which 4 dishes are going to be had :slight_smile:

Booking is for 7pm for 25 people. I need to confirm numbers on Tuesday morning, so please use the sign-up at the top, and if you have +1s leave a note in the top wiki post.

See you there!