Foreman Community Dinner @Config Management Camp

As we have done in previous years, we will take advantage of having a large chunk of community members present in Gent to hold our annual community dinner. We will be seated together at several tables next to each other in the separate green room of Du Progres, the same restaurant we want to last year and a few years ago.

To allow for smooth operation of the service without disruption to other guests, while allowing separate bills, we have agreed on a fixed price of 40€ per person. This will include a starter, main, desert and two beverages (cold, hot, beer or wine) per person. We will have a limited menu to choose from, but one that I hope will fit everyone. The restaurant also asked to know in advance the number of vegetarians and vegans so they can prepare enough such dishes.

I’ve enabled RSVP and editing on this post, please also note below if you have additional guests, or if you would like a vegetarian or vegan option (or send me a private message if you prefer).

Please be sure to update your RSVP status and dietary requirements by January 30th

Otherwise, we might not be able to ensure everyone has a seat. There is nothing I would like less than telling a community member that they can't join us because we ran out of room.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have any additional questions.

Name Additional guests(not including yourself) Dietary requirements
@Dirk +4 colleagues vegetarian for me (fish would also be fine), no pork for one
@quba42 vegetarian for me (no meat, no fish)
@bonk vegan for me (no animal products)
@evgeni +1 none
@goosemania fish or veg is preference, not a requirement
@iballou No requirements
@Marek_Hulan No requirements
@upadhyeammit +1 vegetarian for both (no meat, no fish)
@ezr-ondrej No requirements
@aruzicka No requirements
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