Foreman community survey questions


We are starting to work on the 2020 community survey. The format will be similar to the previous years with some changes as usual.
To make sure we get useful feedback, if you have any questions that you would like to get answered in this year’s survey, please share them below so that we can include them. Questions should preferably be actionable - i.e. that the responses to the questions are something that will impact the direction of development for the next year.

I forgot if the question is already there, but I’d be curious to learn which kind of systems are all getting provisioned? E.g. network switches (I see support for Huawei and Juniper for instance), routers, embedded devices? In our situation, for instance, we have a quite heterogeneous set-up.
I’d like to be able to have a better overview on these, perhaps there’s a need to make usage easier for certain types of devices (e.g. switches usually have a lot of network ports…)

Not sure how to formulate this actionable though :frowning:

The questions and results can be seen in the analysis of last year’s survey

Which IP stack do you use in the datacenter managed by Foreman:

  1. IPv4 only
  2. IPv6 only
  3. IPv4 for provisioning, IPv6 for data
  4. IPv6 for provisioning, IPv4 for data
  5. Both