Foreman Compute resources

Hi Foreman Users,

Currently i try to deploy with my Foreman-Setup a virtual

machine from a vmware template.

My Setup:
Foreman: 1.7.2
VMware ESX: 5.1 (in a Cluster)

My problem is i want just deploy from Foreman to VMware
(VMware-Template) and i dont need any finish or deploy scripts or
anything else.

I have a vmware template where i preinstalled puppet agent, therefore
i dont need a finishscript or else.

I found nowhere a documentation thats explain my issue.

I setup a vmware compute ressource with a image to my vmware template.
Password i leave blank. I can see all my vm-machines.
I configured Operating Systems, Provisioning Templates and
Architectures ----> (with fake data)

I dont understand why i have to configure Provisioning Templates or
Systems if i just want to take a vmware template for deployment?

If i started the deployment then i get the error message:

Failed to save:Failed to create a compute vmware instance
undefined method
'[]' for Nil:NilClass

What i have to do after a setup a compute ressource and only want to deploy
from a vmware-template.

Any idea ? Please help.

Best regards