Foreman Config as Code (Automaton? :-))

Hi all!

First of all, great work on this suite of tools, I really like how it works and what it’s capabilities are!

Following the release of the Ansible Modules for Foreman, I dug in and made a thing. It’s purpose is to apply Infrastructure as Code to Foreman (and it also does Satellite) as well! See for yourself:

It only works in Ansible 2.10 and up, but it is capable of configuring a complete Foreman environment ready to start deploying things! It probably does not cover all usecases, but I think it will help with ‘typical’ deployments.

Notable missing features:

  • Configuring locations for Smart Proxies, there is no module as of this time to do that.

Looking forward to your feedback!



P.S: It’s also on Galaxy!


Hey @Thulium-Drake

This is fantastic, thank you!

Would you consider typing up a blog about this :slight_smile:
@evgeni has contributed several blogs about his efforts, and I think the wider community would be very interested! It will also help get more eyes on this for you!

impressive work Jeff, thanks for sharing!

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This looks real nice.
FWIW: There is a smart proxy module now. I think it’s not yet released to galaxy, but it would be great to know whether it’s solving the “missing feature issue” for you.

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Awesome! I will check it out soon! I have been looking around the github repo and I saw some folks already worked on it, but I missed this one!

I’ll look into it! :slight_smile:

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Thanks a ton @Thulium-Drake!

We should see if we can migrate parts of this into an official collection :wink:
(cc @ehelms)


You’re most welcome! :wink:

Awesome, that would be great!! :smiley:

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We are planning to move all our existing shell/hammer scripts we use for configuration and maintenance, to instead all be based on the new foreman modules collection for ansible asap.


Well, I hope you find the role I made useful, and I am welcoming any extra features/bugfixes should you have any!

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I can’t edit my post, however, with the latest release of the Foreman Ansible modules, it now features a module for configuring smart_proxies :slight_smile: