Foreman Construction Day -


This year we will be holding our third Foreman construction day right after Config Management Camp in Gent, Belgium on the 7th of February.

What topics you would like to learn more about during the event?
Please vote to let us know!

  • Managing Foreman using the installer modules
  • Remote execution
  • Chef in Foreman
  • New UI in 1.17 - building React components demo
  • Dragons of Authorization

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If there are more topics that aren’t on the poll send them as comments and they will be added.
See you there!


Awesome - see you there!


Maybe Ansible would be a legit topic as well :slight_smile:


Definitely legit! I put in topics that don’t have talks in the first 2 days but we can always share more, I’ll add it.


OK, I have to ask what “Dragons of Authorization” are :smile: - I have this image of an actual dragon stating “you shall not pass!” :joy:


Also, I now want to send a PR for a dragon to be displayed on any Unauthorized Access page… :wink:


The idea was to talk about hidden dragons that can “bite” you in this realm. And it would be more like a deepdive into how to solve few scenarios, show what we already have but users probably don’t know…


I think dragons are more known for burning you than biting you :slight_smile:


It looks like I can’t edit the poll so I’ll get a few more ideas and open a mini poll.


Context: polls get locked after 5 minutes so that votes don’t get broken (and also doesn’t impact email users). A new poll with the extra options is cool, since there’s no limit on the number of votes :slight_smile:


Registration to Foreman Construction Day is now open:


I only see Sales Ended on eventbrite.


Sorry, fixed now :slight_smile:


I’d like to suggest a new topic: How about refactoring template rendering code?


I’d be happy to be involved in that. I still have few ideas from last year talk :slight_smile: