Foreman core Maintainers meeting on 2022-02-23

Foreman core Maintainers meeting on 2022-02-23

People present: @ezr-ondrej (chair), @MariaAga, @Marek_Hulan, @Shimon_Shtein, @lzap, @Ron_Lavi, @amirfefer



  • 3.1: None
  • 3.2: None

Headline features

  • None

PR discussions and ownership

  • Ubuntu provisioning PR#9101
    We will hold off with this PR as there are copyright concerns and we need to see what course the Canonical takes with inclusion of pxe files in their repos.
  • Shorten reverse DNS timeout in facts PR#9108
    We anticipate there might be issues, but to avoid premature optimization, we will just introduce a constant that would be easy to change for users temporarily and we might tweak it or give users option to tweak it if we see major issues with this change.
  • AutoYaST provisioning template tweaks PR#9112 and PR#9113
    @lzap won’t have time to test this, but as he will be transfering ownership of provisioning he will use these PRs to do so and review them with person who’d take over
  • Breadcrumb switcher not working for Katello PR#9114
    @MariaAga still needs to work on this and find the core issue, but seems like a small change and will be easy to review and merge afterwards
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