Foreman core Maintainers meeting on 2022-03-09

People present: @MariaAga (chair), @ezr-ondrej (notes), @lzap, @Shimon_Shtein, @aruzicka


Add Breaking change label

@nadjaheitmann had bring up, that it would help plugin maintainers if we could label PRs that might have break plugins.

  • This is impossible to cover completely as we do not have clear stable plugin API, so doing this will always be best effort only
  • It won’t hurt to label PRs we think are breaking change as such
  • @lzap brought up that it would be better to have regular tests that would reveal plugin breakage
  • It was generally agreed that best way for plugins is to setup scheduled testing and thus they will be able to narrow down the time window of the breakage and that would be much more reliable source then PR labels
  • Plugins setup in our Jenkins from plugin template do have this out of the box and it would be the best to double down on this effort for all plugins
  • AI: @ezr-ondrej will add the tag and we will try to mark PRs that we feel may break plugins, but there are no promises and plugin maintainers should still setup regular testing job.


PR assignment